English for Latin America (ELA) is an Interactive Audio Instruction program developed to teach English to youth, while providing teachers with the tools to teach English more effectively. ELA is comprised of 100 audio programs that use dramas, songs, games and more to help students achieve internationally recognized benchmarks in English. English proficiency is crucial to success in the 21st century. ELA offers Latin American youth these important language skills at an affordable cost. The Ela songs are now available for download and streaming! Click Here to find the ELA One album on your favorite music service.

A typical ELA Lesson is comprised of the following segments:

  • Introduction: The radio teacher and student present the information that will be covered during the lesson while situating the content.
  • Game Show Review: Students participate in an interactive game that reviews content from previous lessons.
  • What’s new: New content is presented through and interactive segment. The radio program guides the classroom teacher and students through interactive activities used to learn and practice the new material.
  • Listen to Reality: listen to a montage of English speakers from around the world using the vocabulary of the day in context.
  • Drama: Students listen to a drama series about a young Latin American who spends the summer showing his country to two young visitors from the United States. Episodes provide an engaging context in which to review content from the ELA lessons.
  • Sing it Now: A radio version of singing contests popular on television. Twenty songs are presented and repeated during the course of the 100 programs. All songs include the content being taught during the lessons and provide an excellent way to memorize vocabulary and practice pronunciation.
  • Reading/Writing: Students participate in guided activities in spelling, decoding and writing.
  • Get to Work: Students learn skills that help them attain and keep a job, manage finances and use English in professional tourism and service industries.
  • Review and Conclude: Students participate in a review activity and teachers are advised about how to practice the content after the program ends.

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